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About. Artists' Private Collections


Every artist has his own art collection. Usually, these are the works presented by friends-artists or random works that were purchased or found a way to land in the house. Such collections emerge spontaneously and are often not even regarded as a collection by the owner. These works are kept at home or in the studio and are unavailable to general viewers. is a virtual museum, a collection that is created from works owned by artists. 

Artists' Private Collections picks up artists' home collections and opens them to all interested viewers.The collections are united into a huge network where the work of art becomes a link connecting various artists. 

If your works already are in the collections of the artists who are participating in this project and you also want to publish your collection on the site, please contact Artists’ Private Collections. If your works have not yet been admitted to the Artists’ Private Collections but you have your own collection of other artists' works, please get in touch with us and we will publish your collection on the site and then invite artists that are in your collection to participate.